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How To Get Curly Hair Overnight?

Curly hair is the “IN” thing now. Women all over the world are forsaking the pin straight hair trend and opting for fun curls. Now if you are blessed with curly hair, don’t fret.

The good news is that curly hair is a lot easier to style than straight hair. If you have time and patience, then you don’t even need heat! Get a good mousse and it will make the lovely curls stay in place for a long time. There are many parlor methods as well but if you are on the lookout for an easy curling method on how to make your hair curly overnight at home, just read on.

Things You Will Need:

Just a good curling mousse to keep the hair curls in place and a hair band.

How To Get Curly Hair Overnight?


Slightly damp your hair and comb it to remove all the tangles with a wide toothed comb.


Take a thin headband or make your own that looks something like this.


Tie the band on your forehead in this way.

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