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Top 10 Smart Home Devices

Smart homes have been trending lately as technology has advanced. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a smart home, just think of the Jetsons. While technology isn’t quite that advanced yet, the days of your house throwing in a load of laundry for you aren’t that far away. Turning your home into a smart home can benefit you and your wallet in many other ways, so it’s worthwhile considering your options.

Philips Hue

This smart lighting system has geofencing technology, letting you control your lights in your house from your phone or tablet

  • Use: Control Your Lighting
  • Cost: $69.94

Nest Learning Thermostat

This smart thermostat learns your trends and lets you control your home’s temperature remotely from your phone or tablet

  • Use: Set Your Thermostat
  • Cost: $249

Amazon Echo

The smart speaker with Alexa voice service lets you play music, make calls, hear the news and more just by asking the assistant

  • Use: Smart Assistant
  • Cost: $99.99

Amazon Echo Dot

This smart product is an offshoot of the Amazon Echo and lets you use your voice to control other smart devices or make requests

  • Use: Smart Assistant
  • Cost: $49.99

Lutron Caseta Wireless Bridge

Supporting up to 50 devices, this product lets you control your lights, shades, and home’s temperature from anywhere using an app

  • Use: Device Control
  • Cost: $100

Netgear Arlo Pro

This smart outdoor security system gives people peace of mind and lets them see footage and control the camera using their phone

  • Use: Home Security
  • Cost: $500

August Smart Lock Pro

Never get locked out with this smart lock that lets you control your front door from your phone and integrates with other devices

  • Use: Keyless Entry
  • Cost: $279


This thermostat comes with individual room sensors that detect when room temperatures should rise or drop due to occupancy

  • Use: Connect Devices
  • Cost: $224.50

Samsung SmartThings

This device keeps all your smart devices connected and lets you control and keep track of them easily and in one simple place

  • Use: Connect Devices
  • Cost: $149

Amazon Echo Show

Backed by Amazon, this smart voice-controlled assistant has a touch screen letting you make video calls and watch content

  • Use: Smart Assistant
  • Cost: $229.99

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